Stories I Never Told the Speaker: The Chaotic Adventures of a Capitol Hill Aide
by Marshall L. Lynam

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Author's NoteReflections of a Lucky Man
Dust Cover
Back CoverWhat Washington pros are saying
ForewordBy Jim Wright
Chapter 1A Tale About Tincy1
Chapter 2The Red-Headed Stranger from Weatherford, Texas11
Chapter 3Revenge of the Green Hornet22
Chapter 4Haunted by Ted Kennedy's Shoes35
Chapter 5The Cable Man Cometh47
Chapter 6The Lettuce Cigarette Caper51
Chapter 7LBJ: Small Glimpses of a Large Man64
Chapter 8Jim Wright Ventures into the Galaxy78
Chapter 9The Day Murphy Went to Lunch87
Chapter 10Politburo Podnuhs, Say Howdy to Billy Bob101
Chapter 11Notes on an Unraveling Red Sweater116
Chapter 12The Great Washington Elephant Hunt137
Chapter 13Chalk Up One for the Peacemakers154
Chapter 14Adventures of an Advance Man178
Chapter 15Battle of Insiders: The Majority Leader's Race202
Chapter 16Mike, Michelob and Yankee Boy Look for Votes232
Chapter 17Craig Raupe--Pigs, Politics and Presidents252
Chapter 18A Nearsighted Waist Gunner Flies Again282
Chapter 19Such Interesting People310
Chapter 20The Man Who Left the House Because He Loved It332